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Day By Day. Month By Month. Year By Year.

Get Your Numbers Right.

How do you keep your restaurant bustling with clients, placing one order after another and making more money?

  • With instant access to important numbers, like REVENUES, PROFITS, EXPENSES, ROI, COGS, etc., you always know the financial health of your F&B Business.
  • This allows you to replicate profitable days and make more money.
  • Knowing your numbers right also helps you make fast and smart decisions about investments, expansion and growth. 

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Numbers Tell You the Story of Your Business!

Where you were, where you are now, and where you are headed in the future.

There is a saying: To be a successful business leader, you need to get your numbers right one time. Imagine you can get your numbers right all the time! That's called continuous success!

Ali Payandenick


Client Results


Menu Profit Boost


Enduring Expansion


Year on Year Growth

Boost Sales

With visibility on which menu items are profitable, and which are less popular you have the game in your hands. You can receive instant recommendations on how to boost the less popular menu items, or to make any day profitable.

Manage Multiple Branches

Managing multiple restaurant branches with restaurant ERP brings streamlined operations, centralized management, and real-time insights, enabling you, the restaurant owners to optimize efficiency, maintain consistency, and drive profitability across all locations.

The Feeling of Breaking Sales Record Every Month

Imagine the feeling of a restaurant owner breaking a year-long sales record. And picture that rush repeating itself, month after month, year after year, as their establishment continues to grow and thrive.

  • With a dedicated restaurant ERP system seamlessly integrated into your operations, you gain immediate insights and control over every aspect of your F&B business.
  • Detailed analytics enable you to identify trends, optimize menu offerings, and refine pricing strategies, all with precision.
  • By enabling the power of automation, tasks that once consumed valuable time are now streamlined, freeing up resources to focus on enhancing customer experiences and driving growth.

With each passing month, the data-driven decisions facilitated by the ERP system set your F&B business to new heights of success, breaking sales records with ease and consistency.

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5⭐Reviews From Satisfied Restaurateurs

Polaris support is always on the spot and they are immediately resolving any concerns that I have. It is user friendly and intuitive compared to all the POS software I previously used. Punching customer order is straight forward and does not require too many clicks.

Beverlyn Grefalda Manager, One Doner

From very bad to very well! We came from a very bad restaurant management system with a lot of complaints from my staff. Since we are using Polaris ERP, everything is functioning very well and we are very happy to be working with them.

Mr. Adem Arici Managing Director, The Qasab Turkish Cuisine

Polaris ERP system is very effective. Our dedicated Implementation and Support Engineer and the rest of the team from Polaris have always been very cooperative and helpful in offering solutions instantly even at odd times.

Mr. Madhan Saminathan Director, Meenatshi Chettinadu Restaurant

Exceptional Support! I really appreciate the support and services of Polaris. There are really no words to explain how thankful I am for their commitment. Polaris has provided me on-the-spot support and services when I started my business and up until now.

Mr. Abdul Karim Manager, Zebra Cafe

Benefits of Using Polaris ERP

  • Increased Profits, Enhanced Menu Performance
  • Cost Savings, Improved Profit Margins
  • Reduced Waste, Optimal Stock Levels
  • Cost Efficiency, Accurate Pricing
  • Data-Driven Decisions, Business Optimization
  • Streamlined Operations, Consistent Quality
  • Efficient Workflow, Timely Order Fulfillment
  • Financial Optimization, Reduced Overheads
  • Accurate Financial Reporting, Compliance
  • Seamless Integration, Enhanced Efficiency
  • Real-Time Adaptability, Competitive Pricing
  • Market Insights, Competitive Advantage
Harvard Business Review study on Restaurant ERP

15-20% Higher Efficiency

For restaurants who implemented an ERP system 

Deloitte study on Restaurant ERP

15-20% Increased Savings

Utilizing an ERP system can save restaurants 15-20% on food cost per year

Aberdeen study on Restaurant ERP

15-25% Higher Profits

The use of an ERP system by restaurants results in 15-25% higher Profit Margins