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Success Story : How Grill'O Achieved Growth with Polaris ERP

Welcome to GrillO The Healthier Option! Imagine enjoying all your favorite foods without the guilt. GrillO is proud to introduce their healthier fast food options that let you savor the flavors you love without sacrificing your well-being.


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GrillO’s commitment is simple: 100% fresh food prepared without any fat or oil. They believe in offering guilt-free, healthy choices that redefine the fast food experience. Yes, you heard it right – fried style chicken without the frying!

From mouth-watering burgers and delightful rolos to flavorful grilled chicken and tempting pizzas, they have it all. Join GrillO on a journey where delicious meets healthy, making every bite a satisfying and wholesome experience. 

Polaris ERP portfolio GrillO
Overcoming Operational Obstacles

Key Challenges

  • GrillO faced challenges in streamlining and coordinating various operational aspects due to the absence of an integrated system creating inefficiencies and coordination issues.

  • This resulted in inefficiencies, increased manual workload, and a lack of real-time data synchronization, hindering overall operational effectiveness.

  • Manual financial processes led to errors, delays, and difficulties in generating accurate financial reports, impacting timely and informed financial decision-making.

  • Manual entry of operations and financial data increased the workload and elevated the risk of mistakes.

  • GrillO lacked seamless integration between its online delivery platform and the Point-of-Sale (POS) system that led to discrepancies in order processing.

  • This resulted in inconsistencies in order processing, inventory management challenges, and potential delays in fulfilling online orders, impacting customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

  • GrillO lacked a system for food costing, consumption tracking, and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) calculation that gives a tough challenge in decision making and control on the raw materials.

  • The absence of these crucial components made it challenging for GrillO to assess the profitability of menu items, optimize pricing strategies, and control food costs effectively.

A Game-Changing Solution Unleashed

Implemented Solution

Feeling the need for a big change, GrillO has finally decided it was time to make things better. They wanted a solution that would fix their problems and make everything smoother for their operations, cost control, delivery management and financial and accounting management. That's when they chose Polaris ERP. 

  • Recipe Management and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Control
  • Centralized Procurement, Accounting, Operations and Inventory Management System with real-time tracking and automated procurement processes.
  • Integration of Online Delivery Aggregators with Polaris ERP’s Front of House (FOH) POS system.
  • Automated daily email notification of sales analysis to owner and management.
  • Centralized data management, reporting, and analytics for improved decision-making.
Key Benefits

Success Unleashed : Polaris ERP At GrillO The Healthier Option

Explore the remarkable benefits that GrillO achieved with Polaris ERP. Discover how their operations were streamlined, efficiency was enhanced, and profitability soared.

Precise Cost Control and Recipe Management Achieved with Polaris ERP

  • With the recipe management functionality of Polaris ERP, GrillO can calculate the precise cost of each menu item, including ingredients, labor, and overhead expenses. This accurate costing enables them to determine the profitability of each item and make informed decisions about pricing and menu optimization.
  • GrillO can now identify high-margin offerings, assess the performance of different menu items, and make data-driven decisions to maximize profitability. The cost per menu item has also been maintained up to a certain cost that allows a higher percentage of profitability.

Seamless Integration of Delivery Management into the FOH Operations

  • Polaris ERP eliminated the need for manual entry of all delivery orders from online delivery platforms thus, giving more for the users to work on customer engagement and increase the level of customer satisfaction.
  • The system automated the calculation of the revenue and expenses for each transaction, for each online delivery aggregators, making reporting and reconciliation easier. This makes keeping track of payments and sorting out the money side of things way more organized.

Streamlined Processes and Automation

  • Polaris ERP eliminates the need for manual record-keeping by digitizing processes such as inventory management, recipe costing, and sales tracking. This reduces errors, increases efficiency, and saves time spent on manual data entry and reconciliation.
  •  The system automates various tasks and workflows, such as data entry and reconciliation, reducing the manual efforts required. By minimizing manual intervention, GrillO can streamline their processes, improve accuracy, and focus more on core operations.

Unified Operations, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Financial and Accounting Analysis and Reporting

  • Optimized supply chain process provides streamlined work flow from Operations to Back-office for procurement notification of raw materials directly going to the suppliers. A unified system also enabled GrillO to allocate financial transactions for their Franchisee thus, giving a more comprehensive reporting structure both for the Franchisor and Franchisee.
  • All FOH and back-office transactions are linked together creating a single source of data for a more efficient analysis and reporting for the Management.

Key Facts & Figures

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Increase in Revenue

GrillO achieved a 15% increase in overall revenue after implementing Polaris ERP's recipe management and cost control functionality.


Decreased manual data entry

The implementation of Polaris ERP's unified system reduced manual data entry by 75% in GrillO's daily operations.


Reduced Wastage

GrillO reduced raw material wastage by 20%. This reduction in wastage translated to a direct cost savings of 6%, contributing to better cost control and resource management.


Trimmed order processing time

Polaris ERP's integration of online delivery orders with the POS system resulted in a 30% reduction in order processing time.