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Transforming The Qasab Turkish Cuisine: A Polaris ERP Success Story

Witness how Polaris Restaurant ERP revolutionized The Qasab Turkish Cuisine’s fine dining group. Discover their journey of seamless operational efficiency, replacing frustrations with unprecedented results.


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The Qasab Turkish Cuisine's Journey With Polaris ERP

The Qasab Turkish Cuisine, stands as a beloved dining establishment in Dubai, renowned for delivering an unparalleled experience of authentic Turkish cuisine. Started in 2016, The Qasab Turkish Cuisine is now strategically located in key areas such as Al Barsha, Palm Jumeirah, and Ibn Battuta Mall, the restaurant has built a strong reputation for offering a diverse array of traditional Turkish dishes within a vibrant and sophisticated setting. In 2022, they opened their fourth branch, “SweetLand” under the SweetLand brand, as a new vision sweet shop, and a souvenir shop – with items that come entirely from Türkiye.
Dedicated to presenting the true essence of Turkish gastronomy, The Qasab Turkish Cuisine takes immense pride in its meticulously crafted menu. From appetizers and salads to kebabs, grills, and traditional Turkish desserts, each dish reflects the rich and diverse flavors that define Turkish culinary traditions. Popular menu items such as succulent lamb shish kebab, flavorful adana kebab, tantalizing pide (Turkish pizza), and indulgent baklava delight the palates of guests, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.
A Game-Changing Solution Unleashed

Implemented Solution

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution to tackle their key challenges, The Qasab Turkish Cuisine embarked on an innovative journey by implementing Polaris ERP, a cutting-edge restaurant management system. This implementation has revolutionized their operations and paved the way for exceptional efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive User Access Level Control And Management
  • Online/Offline Restaurant POS Software
  • Automated Daily Email Notification Of Sales Analysis To Owner And Management.
  • Local VIP Support And Services
Key Benefits

Success Unleashed : Polaris ERP At Qasab Turkish Cuisine

Explore the remarkable benefits that Qasab Turkish Cuisine achieved with Polaris ERP. Discover how their operations were streamlined, efficiency was enhanced, and profitability soared.

Effortless Integration

With the implementation of Polaris ERP, The Qasab Turkish Cuisine gains the advantage of an integrated online and offline POS system. This allows them to seamlessly accept orders and payments both in the restaurant and through online channels.

Seamless Operations Anytime, Anywhere

The online/offline functionality of Polaris ERP ensures that The Qasab Turkish Cuisine can continue operating smoothly even in scenarios where internet connectivity is unstable or disrupted. This eliminates potential downtime and ensures uninterrupted service to customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and revenue opportunities.

Improved Sales Insights

Polaris ERP automates the process of generating daily sales analysis reports and sends them via email to the owner and management. This enables The Qasab Turkish Cuisine to stay updated on their daily sales performance, key metrics, and trends without manual effort or delays.


Actionable Insights At Your Fingertips

The automated email notifications provide valuable insights to the owner and management of The Qasab Turkish Cuisine, allowing them to make data-driven decisions, identify areas of improvement, and optimize their operations. This streamlines their decision-making process and enhances overall efficiency.

Key Facts & Figures

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Uptime Boost

The implementation of Polaris ERP has resulted in an 80% significant reduction in system downtime and improved software performance.


Rapid Support Acceleration

With the dedicated local VIP support provided by Polaris, The Qasab Turkish Cuisine has experienced a significant rate of 70% reduction in support response time for technical and operational issues.


Empowered Decision-Making

Polaris ERP has enabled 85% improvement in data-driven decision making for The Qasab Turkish Cuisine through the automation of daily sales analysis provided by Polaris ERP to the business owners and management.


Shielding Financial Integrity.

Implementation of enhanced user access level controls and robust security measures resulted in an impressive 80% reduction in the risk of financial loss and safeguarded the integrity of sales reporting, ensuring accurate and reliable financial data.