Hoop Dessert & Shakes Polaris Restaurant ERP

Revolutionizing Hoop Dessert & Shakes With Polaris ERP

Discover how HOOP Desserts and Shakes turned a culinary dream into reality with the help of Polaris ERP. Explore the journey of operational enhancement and elevated customer experiences that reshaped the dessert landscape.


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From Desserts To Data: HOOP's Revolution With Polaris ERP

Discover the captivating journey of HOOP Desserts and Shakes, a rapidly expanding dessert and beverage chain, that has left an indelible mark across the United Arab Emirates. Renowned for its inventive and delightful offerings, HOOP has become a cherished destination for exceptional culinary experiences. With a distinctive focus on Acai Smoothies and Mojitos, HOOP has earned accolades for pioneering unparalleled Acai creations within the UAE.

Hoop Dessert & Shakes Polaris Restaurant ERP
Navigating Success with Polaris ERP

Implemented Solution

HOOP Desserts and Shakes immediately recognized the urgent need for a comprehensive solution, and turned to Polaris ERP. This unified software was implemented to address their challenges and streamline their operations.

Polaris ERP has enabled HOOP to properly address the challenges that they were facing in their previous system. Back end processes has been optimized with utmost security access in the FOH Operations that avoids possible fraudulent activities. With Polaris ERP in place, HOOP is now focused on what they do best, that is serving their customers with the highest quality and services!

  • Recipe Management And Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) Control
  • Centralized Procurement And Inventory Management System With Real-Time Tracking And Automated Procurement Processes.
  • Automated Daily Email Notification Of Sales Analysis To Owner And Management.
  • Comprehensive User Access Level Control And Management
Benefits Realized

Transformative Triumphs Of Polaris ERP At HOOP Desserts And Shakes

Infusions of Efficiency, Flavorful Insights, and Seamless Support Illuminate HOOP Desserts and Shakes’s Journey to Excellence

Menu Profitability Analysis And Pricing Strategies

  • Accurate food and recipe costing enables informed profitability analysis.
  • Data-driven pricing adjustments improve profitability and adapt to market trends.

Streamlined Supply Chain And Inventory Management

  • Real-time visibility optimizes procurement, reducing wastage.
  • Enhanced ingredient cost tracking offers better control over food costs.

Data-Driven Business Decisions

  • Polaris ERP automates daily sales analysis, providing crucial insights to owners and management.
  • Real-time data enhances decision-making, removing unnecessary complexities.

Enhanced Security And Fraud Prevention

  • Robust access controls restrict critical transactions to authorized personnel.
  • Secure user authentication reduces unauthorized activities, enhancing data integrity.

Key Facts & Figures

Get a Quick Snapshot: Key Facts and Figures of Hoop Dessert & Shakes Success Story


Reduction In Unauthorized Transactions

Achieved 90% reduction in unauthorized transactions within the first six months after implementing Polaris ERP


Decrease In Manual Data Entry

The implementation of Polaris ERP decreased manual data entry by 75%, reducing errors and freeing up valuable staff time for customer service.


Menu Profit Optimization

Utilizing Polaris ERP’s recipe management, HOOP identified and optimized the profitability of their top-selling menu items resulting in a 15% increase in revenue.


Inventory Cost Savings

With Polaris ERP’s improved Inventory Management, HOOP reduced raw material wastage by 20%, translating to a direct cost savings of 12% within the first year.